Wiener schnitzel

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Schnitzelwirt is a quintessentially Austrian joint that has been supplying the men and women of Vienna with their edition of wiener schnitzel for above 35 years. The owners lately passed the baton to their two daughters, who carry on the legacy of serving sensational slithers of meat. This restaurant claims that theirs is ‘a schnitzel to fear’ for its good results as an low-cost nevertheless substantial-top quality treat. Enjoy this common recipe in a rustic setting and pair it with a potato salad or chips for a hearty, indulgent supper.


Here is the place you’ll find traditional dishes served by classic Viennese waiters, dressed in their classic attire of black and white. They cite 1905 as ‘the 12 months the schnitzel was born’, when Johann Figlmller set up his restaurant just streets away from St Stephen’s Cathedral. Pork cuts are utilised for the schnitzel at Figlmller, pounded to tender perfection and then coated with ‘imperial breadcrumbs’ from Kaiser rolls, giving the schnitzel its characteristic crunchy outer layer. Potato salad is usually served alongside it – or you can select from above 12 various salads. Not a single for modest diners, the schnitzel right here spills over the plate.

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