Smoking a turkey

By: Julie Clark Published: August 29, 2018

Ever wondered how to smoke a juicy turkey? This is the greatest smoked turkey recipe we’ve tried. Free up the oven and find out how to smoked turkey stuffed with fruit and aromatics for an amazing turkey dinner. You might also like our smoked turkey rub.

Very best Smoked Turkey Recipe

Summer is frequently the time we smoke meat, but fall is perfect for testing out smoked turkey recipes for Thanksgiving. I’ve observed turkeys on sale at our regional grocery retailer several instances in the previous number of months. Occasionally they are difficult to locate or genuinely costly, but this 12 months they’ve been plentiful so we’ve been eating a lot more turkey than typical! We came across this turkey recipe on and it acquired incredible evaluations so we had to give it a try out. It was the juiciest turkey I’d ever had. Totally scrumptious!

How do I prepare a turkey for smoking?

Despite the fact that it is widespread to rinse a turkey ahead of cooking, the USDA truly does not recommend this because it can really spread germs around your kitchen in doing so. If you are brining a turkey then you need to undoubtedly rinse it, but otherwise, there is no require to rinse! Location the turkey in a massive roasting pan (we typically use disposable for effortless cleanup). Take away the neck and giblets. You can save these for yet another use (we use them for gravy) or discard them. Consider paper towels and pat the turkey dry. You do this so the seasoning will stick to the bird.

What is a excellent seasoning for turkey?

Often times you can get imaginative and place a spice rub all more than the outdoors of the turkey, but for this recipe we kept it basic with minced garlic and seasoned salt. Most of the taste for this turkey is coming from ingredients becoming baked inside the cavity, so garlic and seasoned salt just support add to that flavor.

What can I put in the turkey cavity for flavor?

When I noticed the mixture of elements that when inside this turkey, I was initially puzzled, but right away went to enthusiastic. Coca-cola, apple, onion, butter….I suggest truly. It doesn’t get much better than that! The apple and cola aid add a little sweetness. The butter and onion make the juices that you’ll use to baste the turkey so rich. Occasionally we had a tiny celery or carrots. Tweak the ingredients if you’d like, but this combo is fantastic.

What is the ideal smoker for smoked turkey?

We’ve done smoked turkeys two methods:

  1. Electric Smoker: We had a Masterbuilt smoker when we initial commenced smoking meat. It worked fantastic! It was small and easy to take care of, but could very easily hold two turkeys. See the 1 we had here.
  2. Pellet Smoker: This summer, we upgraded to a Traeger wood pellet smoker. My husband is one hundred% in adore with this grill. Not only does it simply smoke meat, but it grills up hamburgers and chicken beautifully also. See the grill we enjoy.


We like to use wood chips with a somewhat sweet flavor such as apple, apricot, cherry, peach or maple. Hickory is more powerful but is always a traditional and provides an even smoky flavor! Mesquite also goes well with turkey.

Is basting the turkey really necessary?

If you want the juiciest turkey, then yes, I advocate basting. The skin and the foil support to keep the turkey juicy on its personal, but because you’ll have to be checking on the turkey in the smoker a handful of times anyway, go ahead and baste it. You won’t regret it.


It’s good to program 30 minutes per pound when you smoke a turkey between 225-250 degrees Fahrenheit. Our turkey was 13 lbs and took about seven hrs in the smoker to reach 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

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