Reuben dip

Reuben Dip is like a deconstructed Reuben sandwich, all magnificently reborn into a baked ooey gooey, cheesy dip. You’ll enjoy this scorching appetizer!

Developing up, sauerkraut manufactured a relatively normal appearance at our kitchen table.

I come from a lengthy line of Germans, and this soured cabbage is a well known meals staple of my heritage. Mom kept our house stocked, fermenting her personal cabbage in a four-gallon crock in the basement, just like her mom and grandma taught her.

And my most significant takeaway from expanding up with sauerkraut is my appreciation of a sizzling and cheesy Reuben sandwich. Mom and Dad taught me properly.

My good friend Meghan introduced this hot reuben dip to me. She’s Irish through and via, in which corned beef and cabbage are commonplace on their family’s table. A lot of many years ago, Meghan brought this dip into the office in the days major up to St. Patrick’s Day. It’s been a favored March recipe for me ever considering that.

Meghan’s Reuben Dip is a entertaining riff on that Reuben sandwich that I adore. I hope it gets a March tradition for you, also!

My dad also recalls developing up with fresh sauerkraut. As a kid, he would aid to deliver in the cabbages from the fall garden, and then aid prepare them for sauerkraut.

And when my dad would go to his grandparents (my Fantastic Grandpa & Grandma Braun), he was usually asked to fetch some fresh sauerkraut from their massive Red Wing crock in the basement.

The crock featured a circular board cover, sized to just fit the inside of the crock, with a tiny hole minimize into it for an easy finger pull. A heavy stone rested on the board, pressing the fermenting cabbage down into the brine.

Armed with a bowl and a big tined meat fork, Dad would scoop out some fresh sauerkraut for his grandma to warm up with their next meal. That menu possibly consisted of some sort of sausage or smoked meat, fresh from the farm’s fall butchering.

Sauerkraut is a crucial ingredient in this Reuben Dip

I know that sauerkraut can be a really like/hate issue. Its distinctive strong flavor just doesn’t sit effectively with numerous men and women.

But I remember my personal fondness for sauerkraut increasing stronger with every Reuben sandwich I ate as a child. Dad & Mom had been huge on their Reubens, and after a few snitchful bites of theirs, I began to want my personal. I’m pretty sure that’s when I also identified how fantastic Thousand Island dressing can be. Ha!

Baked Reuben Dip is like a deconstructed Reuben sandwich

This sizzling Reuben dip is a handsome one. It’s like a deconstructed Reuben sandwich, all magnificently reborn into a baked ooey gooey, cheesy dip.

It’s creamy and tangy with Thousand Island dressing, and loaded with chopped corned beef, sauerkraut, and Swiss cheese. Pretty darn irresistible, if you request me.

My quite German dad and mom gave this reuben dip a hearty thumbs-up. And my quite Norwegian husband, who is not a fan of sauerkraut, has even been seen taking seconds. And thirds. That appropriate there is a large testimony to this dip’s goodness!

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Reuben Dip is like a deconstructed Reuben sandwich, all magnificently reborn into a baked ooey-gooey, cheesy dip!

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