Mexican bean salad

The inspiration for this black bean salad recipe goes way back. It goes all the way back to my very very first recipe post in excess of 7 many years in the past. I was just finding out to cook for myself soon after college, and I started creating that black bean salsa on repeat.

This Mexican-ish/Southwestern black bean salad recipe is primarily based on my previous salsa recipe, but it’s way better.

Back then, Cookie and Kate was just a imaginative task. Properly, Cookie (my canine) and I really a lot existed, but the website was just to hold me from losing my mind at a boring workplace occupation.

I finally shared that recipe, and realized that I could wrap stories and images all around a healthy, approachable recipe. Seven many years later on, I work on this site complete-time and have a cookbook beneath my belt. I’m not bored at work any much more! I adore what I do. Thank you for letting me do it.

How to Make the Ideal Black Bean Salad

The base of this recipe is black beans, of course. I used canned beans, so this recipe comes with each other speedily and easily. Here’s what I modified to make this recipe so tasty:

  • I switched to a blend of cherry tomato and bell pepper for a far more intriguing texture, shade and taste.
  • I added lime zest for extra lime flavor without drowning the salad in liquid.
  • And, I really provided amounts of vinegar and salt, given that I know greater now. Lime juice and white wine vinegar give it such a great zing.
  • I served individual portions with fresh avocado on top, rather than mixing the avocado into the salad, considering that it will deteriorate prior to the rest does.

How to Serve Black Bean Salad

Like all of my other bean salads, this recipe is great to preserve in the fridge on hectic weeks. This salad is perfect for events, too. It’s a wholesome side dish on its very own. You can also serve it as black bean salsa with tortilla chips.

Here are some methods to maintain your leftovers fascinating:

  • Serve it on fresh greens, perhaps with an additional spritz of lime juice for dressing. Feta, avocado and/or crumbled tortilla chips would be great on leading.
  • Pile it onto cheese nachos to make them more redeeming.
  • Use it as a filling for burritos or quesadillas (just leave as significantly of the liquid behind in the bowl as achievable).
  • Make Southwestern lettuce wraps—serve spoonfuls of it on butter lettuce, topped with avocado and/or feta. Come to think of it, I’m describing one thing equivalent to the Zesty Black Bean and Corn Salad in Lettuce Cups recipe in my guide (web page 123).

Please allow me know how you like this recipe in the feedback! I’m constantly so eager to hear from you and hope you enjoy this bean salad.

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