Honey chicken

What is Honey Sesame Chicken?

Honey chicken is one particular of the most well-known Chinese recipes on Rasa Malaysia.

I produced that recipe two many years ago and numerous readers have requested variations of that recipe.

These days, I am producing a new recipe referred to as honey sesame chicken, which is very well-known on Pinterest (bear in mind to stick to me). It characteristics greatest of the two worlds of sesame chicken and honey chicken.

The Ideal Way to Put together This Meal

To make this chicken, all you need are a handful of every day ingredients that you can get at any foods keep or supermarket. This recipe is super simple, and you can make it anytime you want.

Whilst most individuals don’t like to do deep-frying at residence, I strongly urge you to do so with this honey sesame chicken recipe and other Chinese recipes on Rasa Malaysia.

The cause why we all really like Chinese takeouts and dishes so a lot is due to the fact of the deep-fried chicken coated with wealthy and savory sauce.

Consume them with some warm steamed rice and you have your guilty pleasure.

So I say overlook about baked chicken, let’s fry the chicken and give your stomach and palate a treat.

We all deserve to indulge after in a while.

How To Fry The Chicken

The sweetest point about this recipe is that you don’t even really need to deep fry the chicken, as a shallow fry functions quite effectively at property.

You don’t need a deep fryer, or 6 inches of oil to deep fry a batch of chicken for dinner.

You just require a little saute pan (non-stick preferably for ease of cleansing and frying), about two inches of oil, a pair of lengthy chopsticks, and you are great.

There is no wastage of oil, no splattering oil, but gloriously fried chicken pieces prepared to be cooked with the sweet, tangy, and savory honey sesame sauce.

Easy, breezy, and no fuss!

What Dishes to Serve with this Recipe?

For a wholesome meal and effortless weeknight dinner, I suggest the following recipes.

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