Grilled romaine

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Grilled Romaine

Why on Earth a person would want to grill a lettuce?! We make lettuce salad but grilled romaine lettuce, Olena?! I know, I know. But guarantee me you will at least try out. We grill other greens, so why not lettuce?!

Grilled romaine hearts are delightful! In addition to the so satisfying grilled food taste, #two reason to eat grilled lettuce is the magic sauce.

It is made up of one secret ingredient you will either love (searching at you, Italians) or dislike. Don’t panic, you can skip it and nevertheless consume the ideal grilled romaine leaves because garlic + olive oil!

Ideas for Best Grilled Romaine Hearts

  • Rather please buy organic or nearby not sprayed! Lettuce tops Dirty Dozen listing which means you will be consuming a whole lot of pesticides. Natural does not value significantly a lot more.
  • Use complete heads of romaine or the hearts. Genuinely depends on a dimension.
  • Romaine lettuce grows with leaves closed. You do not have to wash within. A fast rinse outside is adequate.
  • Make grilled romaine salad by chopping grilled leaves crosswise. Include tuna or grilled chicken, far more veggies and mix with far more magic sauce.
  • If you don’t have an outdoor grill, you can do it on a grill pan on your stovetop.

Take pleasure in and consume much more greens!

How to Grill Romaine

    1. Minimize romaine lettuce in half lengthwise.

    How Extended Does it Final?

    Grilled romaine tastes best fresh. But because it is coated in olive oil and gets to be kind of soggy for the duration of grilling, you can get pleasure from this simple side dish the up coming day. Refrigerate covered for up to one day. Take pleasure in cold, it’s really tasty too!

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