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Simple Bourbon Chicken that’s crispy, sweet, sticky and tastes just like the kind you grew up eating at the mall!

Effortless, Crispy Bourbon Chicken

Making this Crispy Bourbon Chicken actually can make me feel like a teenager. A teenager who was a rebel and once truly took Chinese food into the movie theater!

A rapid apology to these people who had to observe Dude Where’s My Car in LA in the late 90’s in a Chinese food scented theater. My negative.

It was type of the best movie to do that in although because the Chinese takeout drive thru scene still tends to make me stomach laugh.

Back to the activity at hand, Bourbon Chicken. This chicken is so deliciously sweet and sticky and has a deep bourbon taste with hints of the apple juice. It’s great. Super good.

Is there bourbon in bourbon chicken? Yes! There completely is, but it cooks down in the sauce so considerably it just adds a certain distinctive flavor and won’t impair your driving. If you favor to skip the bourbon, just double the apple juice.

  • I used chicken breast simply because my mall utilised to. If you want a far more tender minimize, use chicken thighs.
  • If you’d like a thicker coating dredge in the cornstarch, dip in a beaten egg then dredge in some flour and deep fry.
  • To make this much more spicy double the crushed red pepper or swap the red pepper for Sriracha sauce.

Crockpot Bourbon Chicken Recipe:

To make in the crockpot, cook the chicken (use chicken thighs) as directed and include in half the quantities of the rest of the recipe sauce substances (they won’t be in a position to cook down in the slow cooker). Cook on reduced for 5 hrs. Include in the final tablespoon of cornstarch then cook on higher for 30 minutes.

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How To Make Bourbon Chicken:

Resources Utilised in the producing of the Simple Bourbon Chicken:
Wok: Wonderful for large heat, quick cooking. This wok is a wonderful addition to your kitchen if you love cooking Chinese meals or stir fries in general.
Massive Frying Pan: I use this Cuisinart for most of my non cast iron cooking unless of course I am going with a stainless steel alternative, then I select my All Clad.
Soy Sauce: Absolutely nothing significantly to say right here except Kikkoman has the ideal taste total and I constantly recommend diminished sodium.

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