Cinnamon ornaments

In today’s post: These 2-ingredient cinnamon ornaments are fun and straightforward for kids to make, and you’ll love the way they make your residence smell!

Ok folks, this right here isn’t a new idea – it’s been around for years – but if you haven’t tried it yet you ought to! Cinnamon Christmas ornaments are simple to make and your youngsters will have a blast! Cinnamon ornaments are inexpensive sufficient to make new ones each time you want, but they will also final from 12 months to 12 months. Plus they smell definitely heavenly.

This is 1 of people kid craft ideas that truly is as exciting and effortless as it looks! They do take a even though to bake, so strategy to make them 1 day and decorate them the subsequent.

Or leave them plain! The pretty cinnamon colour doesn’t actually need to have embellishing…but if your youngsters are something like mine they’ll be anxious to go to town with the glitter glue

How to make cinnamon ornaments

You’ll need equal elements cinnamon and applesauce for these ornaments. I utilised about 1 and one/four cup of each and every and we made 18 ornaments employing regular size cookie cutters. When you’re purchasing cinnamon, search for bigger containers of the low cost generic brand names – no need to have to spend far more for the title brand. If you come about to live close to a WINCO you can get cinnamon in bulk extremely inexpensively. Generic applesauce functions wonderful as properly!

Here’s a rapid video that exhibits the whole method, and written instructions follow:

Cinnamon Christmas ornaments directions

Mix the cinnamon and applesauce together in a big bowl. You will need to have to use your hands to get them entirely incorporated. When fully mixed the dough must have a stiff cookie dough consistency – you want to be capable to kind it into a ball that holds with each other really simply with no it being also sticky to function with. Include much more cinnamon or applesauce if needed to get that consistency.

Up coming, roll out a third of the dough between two piece of plastic wrap to a one/4 inch thickness. Don’t go thinner than 1/four inch or the cinnamon ornaments will be also challenging to deal with and easy to break. Take away the top layer of plastic wrap and minimize out shapes using cookie cutters.

Move ornaments to a cookie sheet that is lined with a non-stick baking mat. If you don’t have a baking mat, area a cooling rack on prime of your cookie sheet and spot ornaments on that.

Making use of a straw, poke a hole at the prime of every ornament. If you’ve produced smaller sized ornaments, you could also use a skewer or toothpick to poke a hole, guaranteeing it’s huge adequate that you’ll be in a position to thread twine via it.

Bake the ornaments at 200 degrees for about two and a half hrs, till they truly feel dry and hard. This is when your residence is going to actually smell amazing!

Once the ornaments are great, you can begin to decorate. We utilised puffy paint, glue and glitter, sticky backed gems, and a handful of other objects from my craft stash. Here are a couple of I manufactured:

And here are a number of that my children manufactured:

This small snowman was everyone’s favourite:

Thread twine or string by way of the holes and hang your cinnamon ornaments up on the tree!

My kids LOVED generating these, and each time I stroll past the tree I can smell the cinnamon. Since they are totally dried, it’s okay to pack these up at the end of the season with the other Christmas decoration till following year. They’re quite sturdy (although if you consider to snap 1 in half you’ll be capable to) and ought to last for many years.

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