Baked french toast recipe

An effortless homemade baked french toast casserole with cinnamon-sugar topping. This breakfast casserole is a family favourite that you can make-ahead and refrigerate overnight or bake now.

French toast is 1 of my favourite weekend breakfasts. With this simple french toast casserole recipe, you can enjoy french toast for breakfast without having all of the work of flipping slices of french toast at the stove.

I adore this homemade french toast recipe due to the fact it feels like I’m consuming dessert for breakfast, even when I make this with healthier elements. As this french toast casserole bakes, the cinnamon-sugar best caramelizes and gets slightly crispy, although the ins >

This baked french toast casserole is quick and straightforward to make. You can prep this make ahead breakfast casserole the night prior to and refrigerate it overnight. This french toast bake is ideal for vacation breakfasts and brunches since it can be entirely assembled the day before. The best element is how remarkable your kitchen will smell as your breakfast bakes in the oven!

If you don’t want to prep this baked french toast the evening just before, you can assemble and bake it correct away. I recommend letting the casserole sit for 20-30 minutes before baking so that the custard can soak into the bread. The bread won’t soak up as significantly of the custard as it would overnight, but it will still be delicious.

What sort of bread is very best for a french toast casserole?

There are very a few alternatives when it comes to the very best bread for french toast. I like to use a loaf of crusty entire grain french bread, the two for nutrition and flavor. You can also use crusty white french bread, challah, brioche or ciabatta. I do not suggest utilizing sandwich bread or other thin sliced bread.

It is best to use day outdated bread that has dried out a little to add some crunch. You will reduce the bread into one-inch cubes and lay it in a 139-inch baking dish. Arrange the bread so it is in a mostly even layer. It does not want to be perfect.

Subsequent, you’ll make the custard that will soak into the bread and make it nearly creamy and so flavorful. I like to mix the french toast batter in a big batter bowl for easy pouring. Whisk with each other eggs, milk, pure maple syrup (or brown sugar), cinnamon, vanilla, and salt. Pour the custard above the bread in the baking dish, performing your ideal to pour it evenly in excess of all of the bread cubes.

Lastly, you will make the buttery cinnamon-sugar topping for your french toast casserole. To do this, mix melted butter, brown sugar (or pure maple syrup) and cinnamon. Pour the topping evenly in excess of the best of the casserole.

Cover the casserole and refrigerate for at least twenty minutes and up to one particular day ahead of baking.

How to make a more healthy overnight french toast casserole

French toast casserole is a unique event breakfast that normally isn’t extremely healthy. I like to make my baked french toast a tiny bit healthier with these simple ingredient swaps:

  • Use complete wheat french bread rather of white bread.
  • Use pure maple syrup alternatively of brown sugar. Pure maple syrup is an unrefined sweetener. Total we aren’t including as well a lot sugar to this recipe, only 3 tablespoons in the full casserole.
  • I use true butter and total milk in this recipe and like the richness that they provide. These are real meals substances and I believe they have a area in a healthier diet plan.

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