back in 2011


The Schenkelberg's story. Back in 2010, then based in rural Essex, the business couple decided to purchase a Coca Cola shaped food wagon from a dealer in Berlin. In a painstaking effort they restored the image and color to it's original state. The Coca Cola Company was approached in their London headquarters because the Schenkelberg family's main concern was to make them aware of their food wagon and to check whether this rather funny looking Oktoberfest food inspired stall with the orginial brand image of Coca Cola can be sponsored by the brand. The devastating news reached their small company when Coca Cola returned the message saying that they are unable to sponsor them as they only get involved with non-profit organizations and in terms of marketing they only involve their own internal marketing team. The Coca Cola representative wished them luck with their new venture. They then approached a media company in Germany and instructed them to produce a image film. Fred Weidler, shown in the picture above on the left, then heavily involved as a media consultant for a German celebrity, produced the video clip back in March 2011, view here


Subsequently, in an effort to attract more people to their food stall, they attracted local media attention. The Essex Chronicle wrote a featured article about their business entitled "German sausages fail to cut mustard in Great Leighs":

  • A GERMAN who sells bockwurst out of a giant Coke can in a layby off the A131 at Great Leighs is in danger of going bust and has begged the people of Essex to pull over and sample his schnitzel....

  • "We opened in Basildon in April 2011 and we were taking home about £80 every day." he said. "But a new man took over the retail park and we had to move. We began in Great Leighs in August after a brief spell in Chelmer Village, and takings were up month by month until Christmas. But January was a lot worse and February has been bad so far."

  • Stefan and Regina's globetrotting adventure began when they became victims of fraud and their real estate business collapsed.
    They left for USA in 1994 with their young son Gian and spent time in homeless shelters.

  • "We use air-frying technology, our healthy alternative to deep frying, so if you want healty food that leaves you feeling good afterwards then come and see us.",.....

German sausages fail to cut mustard in Great Leighs - click here to read the full story
By Essex Chronicle | Posted: February 28, 2012



Welwyn Hatfield Times Potters Bar Edition 2nd April 2014: "Stefan's London run for disabled brother"

A Potters Bar man with a severely disabled brother is attempting the London Marathon to raise money for research into his condition.
Fifty-one-year-old Stefan Schenkelberg, of Hyde Avenue, whose brother Rainer has been unable to talk or walk since birth, will run the 26.2 mile route through the capital in aid of Action Medical Research on Sunday, April 13.

Rainer who is two years older, needs constant care from their mother at her home near Koblenz, in western Germany.
Stefan told the Potters Bar Edition: "My mother looks after him 24/7. She was only able to come to see us in Potters Bar because my sister was looking after him for two weeks."

Rainer can read and type emails, but the brothers "face-to-face communication is extremely limited and laborious. Stefan, who operates a fast food van in Potters Bar, hopes the money he raises from the marathon will help prevent such devastating disabilities in future. He said: "I have enjoyed long distance running ever since I was in the army as a young man... read more, go here

Bavarian themed

December 2014 - A new set up for Gourmet Express Mobile Catering

...Gourmet Express Mobile Catering's food trailer has added a self-designed Bavarian themed marquee and is now ready to grow, and they are considering applications for medium and large events for the 2015 saison. "There's a feeling of opportunity in and around London, and I think the rise of mobile food vendors is representative of that," says Stefan Schenkelberg.... read more, go here


March 2015 - The boss's dearest brother Rainer died

May 2015 - Family to name Islington food outlet in memory of their "loving" Rainer

A family devastated by the loss of a much-loved uncle, brother-in-law and brother with a "loving heart" who passed away suddenly and unexpected are to open a new food take away outlet named in his memory.

It will also serve traditional German dishes and German beers, the latter from the Schenkelberg's family's own festival 'can'. For the take away unit they experience a delay getting the funds ready and they are now looking for the shop 'fingers crossed' to open it's doors to the public on June the 6th after a launch night the previous evening.

Mr Stefan Schenkelberg said the family had several ideas for the name but that Gourmet Express Mobile Catering's Rainer's Bavarian Grill "was the only name my wife liked.

He added that: "Nearly everyone that knew Rainer has said the same - he would have loved for his brother's family in distant London to have their trading pitch and a crowd of customers in London. He would have wished to see Stefan opening his first food take away outlet Bavarian themed, in a covered market in Islington, one of London's most busy trading areas. Rainer loved Stefan's home-made German curry sauce the most and he was recently full of praise when he learnt of the company's deal with London wholesalers to purchase imported German wurst. It was only a dream for the Schenkelberg's but early this year a trading space has been allocated. This dream is now set to become reality, but sadly after the passing of Rainer. Read more - go here

the new shop


Gourmet Express Mobile Catering has moved their food stall into a covered market area in London Islington.

shut now

August 2015

The Directors of Gourmet Express Mobile Catering have decided to close the operation at the London Islington indoor market location due to what turned out was a poor trading location for a upmarket food provider and therefore concentrated on improvements for their own mobile kitchen trade.

no more coca cola brand advertising

September 2015... always on top of everything

a brand new design was chosen and the 'can' got a complete makeover, carried out by the CEO himself at the helm.. at their storage place in Potters Bar/ Herts


Read the full story here, click here



The 'can' was sent to different London locations and the last trading spot that was made available for the Schenkelbergs was in a much sought after area of London, the all-famous Wembley Park. However, the Schenkelbergs critiziced the lack of the events organizers to enable food stalls to attend on sporting events in the stadium making the venture for the business couple a unsatisfying solution.

New standards came into force to allow only uniform styled food stalls in Wembley and the 'can' was made redundant.

newwebsitelaunched The All-New website was designed by Stefan Schenkelberg whose contribution to the success of this venture can really be seen on- and offline.

November 2017

By then the business couple experienced significant progress with their new business development efforts.

From 4000 twitter followers to 18100 followers for the can...within only 18 months

Mr Schenkelberg gained support from a pool of enterpreneurs, small and large,at LinkedIn; his business network has grown to become just short of 2000.

The decision was made to continue despite the problem caused at Wembley when they had to abandon their 'taste buds spoiling of mainly the council's office workers'.

The website statistics revealed that a record breaking 25000 new visitors have visited their website this year.

For them these figures are a positive confirmation of what they do every day. It certainly is confirmation of the excellent work and the dedication of the management.


17/11/2017 Urgent need of electrical work on the set up

The generator had to be replaced following an accident where their previous machine was destroyed beyond repairs. A series of new trading spots in prominent areas of London such as e.g. Old Street has now become available. These spote unfortunately have no mains electricity supply, therfore require a generator and the business couple seemed to have been lucky to locate a suitable machine. Expert advice prior to purchase; they consulted technicians to advice about the functionality as the genny only has 110v power sockets. A step up transformer 110v to 240v was sufficient they have been told and the purchase was authorized to go ahead. Unfortunately, during a test drive it emerged that 1.6 kva is the max power output using the 3.5 kva step up transformer. Urgent advice is now needed to fix the problem to enable the Schenkelberg's the continuation of trade.